Monday, August 30, 2010

Launch Time!!

                                                              Welcome to my 1st post.

My plan here is to discuss clothes, shoes, accessories, makeup, hair products, designers, stores, sales, and outfits anything and everything fashion or beauty related. There is so much out there to talk about so lets get started. 

First off I have tell you, like a lot of women and girls out there I love to shop and putting together outfits. For me it's not about the deal it's about styling. I mean don't get me wrong I do love to save money but my fashion quest has been more about creating, establishing and maintaining an individual style so I am not usually sale driven. I am after a look and regardless if it's on sale or not if I want it not much will stop me from getting it. I know a little extreme and has got me into trouble a few times but heck when someone stops you on the street and asks where you got that or tells you they love your outfit. Well then it was worth every cent. I also find because I always have in mind what is in my closet that most of my stuff can easily coordinated with whatever I buy new. It's a gift. It's like a mental Polaroid of your outfits.

So Thursday I was shopping at Lane Bryant they are currently having a 40% off the entire store ends today btw. This dress was my big find

Gorgeous and looks fantastic on. Beautiful, from the material, the cut, the drape of the neck, the arm holes aren't too big and the thin patent belts hits at the right point. Which for me is saying a lot because I'm apple shaped and a thin belt at the waist isn't always a good look but this time it is VERY FLATTERING. Classic LBD! It's my version of GOOOOAAAAALLLLLLLLLL!!! Thanks LB for the 40% off luv.Okay let me be honest this will be #4 in my series of sleeveless knee length black dresses but my only sheath if that makes sense to anyone? Anyone? Lets face it if you are anything like me you understand how different they can be.

My plan to wear it is w/my big chunky black ring (thanks to my former co-worker Sirenia her mom was selling these rings for $5.00) and it's adjustable. It's my version of the statement piece for this outfit. I know the statement necklace is the accessory of the moment but I think this dress calls for either a big cuff or big ring and since I already have the ring I'll stick with that and pair w/a clutch and some 4inch black pointy pumps and I'm ready for anything. Now if only I can convince my mom to send me my Stuart Weitzman pumps.

Now if  only I had a place to wear it. The New York State Fair isn't really screaming for a little black dress but maybe Sushi downtown.I will post a photo when I wear it.

So I have been dying to tell, okay not really tell more like shout, about 2, new to me products. 1st one is amazing shout out to my beautiful and funny niece Talia who turned me on to it via my mom Soledad. It's called BioSilk Silk Therapy. I bought it at Marshall's for cheap well cheap for the product. I was there looking for rubber boots. (don't ask it's a northeastern thing I think, when in Rome) Didn't get any boots but snagged 3 of these. Seriously ladies my long fried ass frizzy hair is gorgeous. smooth and wavy can't stop touching it, even my better half told me to stop it's soft and no tangles we get it. This stuff is a miracle worker. Marianne Williamson is right Miracles happen all the time we must believe. I BELIEVE!!! I BELIEVE!!!
from left to right Got my Groove Back, Swagger, and ivy League

                                                 One more thing I BELIEVE IN, okay?

I must must must RAVE about these two ladies and their polish. Ginger and Liz I have been following them on twitter for a few months now. I believe the Budgetfashionista turned me on to them. I enjoyed their tweets and liked the colors. When I lived in the OC I drove up to LA to get mani because at the time only one salon carried their polish in So Cal. See what I said before about being extreme sometimes. I had to have  me some swagger heck Rachel Zoe mentioned it on the The Zoe Report and Kourtney Kardasian was sporting it in Miami. Yeah those may not be good reasons but sometimes a girl just got's to have it. Needless to say the 400 count brush the chip resistant, fast drying and it's vegan (I'm green) make this polish totally worth the hunt. Try it girls. & yes this week I will be sporting green polish.

Thank you for reading leave a comment or suggestion. I refuse to dress my age.


  1. horay!
    great new blog.
    i love fashion too.

  2. I love the new blog!
    A gorgeous little black dress and biosilk at marshalls! You are quite the shopping diva.
    --Jo Anna