Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday5 : Five things I love in my closet right now!


#1 Literally #1 my QVC Joan River's New Classic Trench Coat, Yes I said QVC and joan rivers. I am not a closet QVCer I wear it loud and proud and baby when I am sporting this you will know why. If you call yourself a fashionista and are a true fashionista then you have to admit Joan Rivers really knows her shizzle about clothes and style. If you are shaking your head no do your homework whatever you may think about her, her comedy look at the clothes and she is spot on every time, that Girl can dress.

Did I show you the back? The lining is leapord and the buttons tortoise

STUNNING!!! okay here I am in the coat, yes it's pulling a little on the bottom but I ordered a 1X wishful thinking but I'm not returning it and I think it looks pretty good oh and the sunnies are #2
#2 The Sunnies again Joan Rivers Casual Elegance crystal embellished sunglasses again QVC I love these totally hot Joan called the look RICH BITCH and I agree it's a look I truly enjoy cultivating must straighten my hair and get my makeup done if I really want to pull it off. 

I have 3 pairs for the fall but these are my favs.

#3 Long sleeve tees from Lane Bryant I love long sleeves and these fit right in for fall under a military jacket or furry vest and sweater vest or to dress down my trench. I can wear them the leggings, jeggings, skinny jeans or wide leg trousers. love them!!

I am still a label snob so yeah I got the DKNY and the SEVEN7 also thinking w/my black uggs. The possibilities are endless.

#4 Baby Doll Top from Rainbow Shops, have I mentioned Rainbow seriously they down have them in SoCal they are a fabulous find if you are looking for club attire cheap and some other things thrown in. I got like 6 t-shirts for 28 bucks okay mind you this place is a little ghetto fab and shaniquia might be on the mobile for all to hear either yelling at her man or her worker but hey it's just part of the atmosphere enjoy the clothes that's why we are here. 
okay the photo does not do this top justice it's a black chambray and I already wore it w/black leggings and my brown boots (remember it's okay to mix black and brown now) and a cami underneath. My son actually said wow mom you look really nice today. Okay seriously that hardly ever happens so guess what outfit I will probably wear till it falls off of me. You got it this one. I'll have to post a pic. Seriously this top is cute!

#5  Terry Tie Jacket by DKNY JEANS at Lane Bryant here's the link Terry tie jacket by DKNY Jeans
 The LB photo doesn't do it justice 
of course I picked the olive green color, remember olive is my new black or at least this season It matches my suede boots perfectly. 
Yeah I know not the most flattering stance and taking my hands out of my pockets would make a leaner line but hey this jacket rocks it has perfectly placed pockets looks better on and feels like your softest sweatshirt. 

MY FRIDAY5, hope you enjoy.



  1. #1 flip flops Walmart $6.99
    #2 501's Miller's Outpost 1989 approx $30
    #3 Faded Glory top purchased Susie's Deals $5.99
    #4 Avon necklace $5.99 . ......... #5 Coordinating scarf DD's $4.99 Dress up Friday for me. It's usually slippers, tank top, stretchy pants & an apron.

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  3. Oh! I love the leggings, boots and long jacket look! can't wait until the weather cools down to try it!! :)

  4. Love this post, you are too cute! :)

  5. Love the wallpaper on your site and your posts. Look forward to reading more!!