Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what's going on? It's Fashion week in NYC have you the mean time.

I stroll thru my local source of fashion the Carousel Mall and as predicted by all the runways, magazines and bloggers and twitters. It's all about the boot.
DSW shoes yes Lily there is a Santa Claus and he shops the boot section it's so beautiful I think I got a tear!!
& since I was there I thought I'd browse where else since I'm on a budget the clearance....
aren't these just gorgeous......

and these too. Seriously loving both, both peep toes both have a platform and both are completely essential to my shoe wardrobe both looked great on so well just time will tell because I seriously need a nude pump well because and a patent black also cause duh...doesn't every woman need both. I didn't actually purchase either I'm still thinking because I have to deduce in my head how many wears will I get out of them now that I am a house goddess and stay home fashion maven. Moving on.....I don't really want to talk about celeb's here but I was reading thru my US magazine I was taken by a few things 1st one is this

Really? they are too big for sample sizes but seriously I can see that because size 0 or 2 is tiny like my arm but these women still aren't large by any means. The next one was this.

Sorry its' sideways but doesn't Kelly Osbourne look great especially in the Pussycat dolls hair. I mean WOW Kelly!

Here I am in DSW, I thought I'd take a quick shot of the outfit my Target jeans, and Lane Bryant everything else well except the shoes those are privo and yes olive green they go w/the sweater. Give me opinions on the outfit or anything else. 

Oh & BTW I'm going to be in the audience @ The Nate Show next Tuesday!!! OMG can't wait!

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