Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday5: Five things I love right now

1. Built Neoprene Laptop sleeve French Bull Flower Shadow Love it girly and super cute
2. Army Issue Messenger Bag HW Classic
3. Dark Grey Nike's w/the light blue swoosh Nike Alvord 7 (it matches my light blue LLBean 3/4 zip pullover not pictured)
4. My Green Cargos Drawstring cargo pants from Lane Bryant love them after my tailor rebuilt them for me. 
5. Not fashion related but oh so important to me my watercolor pencils Prismacolor  and Gesso Golden Acrylic  brand, I put some in a small glass jar so that I can take it outside when I want to work away from home. Below was what I was working on outside still of course need to add detail it's in progress but thought I'd sure with you what I'm up to when I'm not shopping or photographing and putting together outfits.

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