Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday5: Five things I love right now!

Yes it's still Friday and it's time for my Friday5. I'm going to keep it simple no clothes cause lets face it w/the McRib  being back they will no longer fit me and I'll have to buy all new ones so my Friday5 is dedicated to the McRib. I love them 5times over!! I love you McRib you cruel cruel sexy processed pork smothered in bbq sauce beast.

Oh yeah and my Boyfriend told me if I don't get over it soon, it's a deal breaker... hmmm BF or McRib wow that's a tough one. The McRib my not snuggle me at night but then my BF isn't covered in bbq sauce....although I'm sure that can be arranged...I wonder if he'd like to be sandwiched in a soft bun...It's back don't make me choose baby, I love you but the McRib is only for a limited time!

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