Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Let's talk about boots baby!!

This is the current collection, what I call a collection of restraint. I really had to pare down in my move to Syracuse gone are the high heeled boots which I really miss but really no longer fit into my stay home mom lifestyle, also missing are a light tan or camel colored boot but as most of my accessories no longer support a camel color I decided to get rid of the very old pair I had and since it had a square toe it was pretty dated. So here it is in my opinion the most basic boot styles a girl in the East needs. True I'm missing a bold color boot but that will only happen if I find one that I absolutely have to have with in a reasonable price. Good luck with that one right?
 My 3 knee highs, black leather, brown leather, and olive gray suede all low heeled, the black was purchased end of summer 2009 at Ross $35.99, brown was purchased at DSW fall 2009 $99.00 and the olive suede end of summer 2010 at Target $39.95. They all look gorgeous on and all were reasonably priced for leather boots. 
The fun weather boots, Rubbers or wellies and UGG style! Wellies in Pink Polka dots from Target for $4.64 major clearance how could I resist!! Right? They are lined with Hunter fleece wellie socks so warm and totally cute I got those at Nordstroms. The Black fake UGG's yes they are fake bought where else but Target I paid the full price of $19.99 2 years ago for them didn't set me back too much right!

 & now for the Cowboy, yee haw!! Giddy yup!! Okay this is where the money went the Black Boots are Laredo bought at bootbarn in SoCal paid about $110.00 a few years ago as a Christmas present from my friend Dorie we ended up purchasing our own boots I love them and like all Cowboy boots they only get better with age. The brown wow I love them more then my Stuart W's yes I said it. They are Ariat bought at Corral Western Wear on a whim that was a $225.00 whim but worth it and they are a size smaller then I usually wear. Or what I call a dedication to style because they were the only pair left. Dark brown with light blue stitching how could I resist CAN'T, DIDN'T, never will when it comes to cowboy boots they are my weakness my kryptonite more then handbags it's cowboy boots.
 Now for the work horses, yes they are dirty and worn but then as these boots go they should be. Dirty brown biker boots that I get more complements on then any other boot ever (which surprises me) bought at Target for $29.95 they are just above ankle height look very cool with jeans and very comfortable really great lunch time purchase about 3years old and still look exactly the same. Last but not least my waterproof KMart boots bought Feb.2010 at the last minute in preparation of the Outdoor Hockey game I needed something waterproof for the tailgate and for $14.00 in dark brown and pink totally worth 5 times the price. I was outside in the snow for 8hours and my feet never got cold or wet!

These are my boots all size 8 except the Ariat boots are 7.5 all ready for their fall 2010 debut. 

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  1. I love boots and would wear them everyday if were not for the heat where I live. You have a great selection!