Monday, November 22, 2010

Style isn't all about clothes!

Okay I was supposed to do an outfit post daily but these last four days I haven't been motivated to post my outfits mainly because I haven't been motivated to put together an actual outfit that wasn't geared toward working out and frankly those have been uninspired too. But alas I have been motivated to work on my home. So here are some photos, it's still a work in progress I have to change the wall art and paint the picture frames and pots for the plants.

On the last picture you see what I see, unfortunately the desk and computer cords are a huge eyesore. Hmmm what to do? I am probably going to get one of those tubes to hide them. Now I just have to find one here in Syracuse. The TV isn't too bad though just need to put those frames somewhere. Okay now to the good stuff, the drapes and pillows and throws from Target all the accessories are from Dollar Tree except the glass bowl is from Wal-Mart bought last year sometime.  Still so much to do picture frames to be painted and new wall art or frame the photos in silver w/white mats. Give opinions please because here at Refusetodressmyage I value input especially in the areas of STYLE!!

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  1. It doesn't suprise me that so many style bloggers also discuss interior design..I think it is all part of the creative bent we have been blessed with. Your place is cozy, warm and inviting and that's a great way to be!! Keep up the good work...