Friday, December 10, 2010

Keeping warm in the Earth tones

Okay today was definitely the coldest day so far. It was 8 degrees when my son left to school this morning. It warmed up to 23, we had company this afternoon so this is what I put together.

The outfit break down
T-shirt- Wal-Mart (yes since I started losing weight as I transition between sizes I go w/as cheap as possible)
Vest- LL Bean comfort fleece was never able to zip it before it's super warm
Jeans- Old Navy Diva straight 1st pair in 20years that doesn't have W next to the number
Socks - boot socks Target from last year
Scarf - Lane Bryant bought like 4years ago I love the colors
Watch - DKNY Nordstroms gifted from my mom she has fantastic taste.
Belt - bought at the State Fair from a leather guy he had to make an extra hole for my but now I use the 5th hole. I love it leather flowers next year I want one with my name on it. I know kind of redneck but I love it besides it's not like I'll wear it with my Yolanda necklace.

some close up photos


  1. OOh. That belt is so pretty!

    I haven't worn the Old Navy Diva. I always get the Old Navy Sweetheart jeans. Maybe I need to branch out.

  2. Hey Joy thanks for the comment, I love the Diva jeans I recommend them because I have no hips and a flat butt thinnish legs for my size so they work great on me, makes me look like I have a butt.

  3. Hmmm...Well, I have a butt, so... LOL I'm taking my daughter to ON tomorrow for some jeans, I may try on some, too.

    I also found some at Kohl's that I really like ALOT

  4. Great fitting jeans are my holy grail and I will try on every pair till I find some that fit great. Off to Kohl's just in case. Enjoy ON!

  5. your watch and scarf are too cute!!! :D