Friday, December 3, 2010

My tree trimming in progress

I'm prepping for Christmas so it's still decorating and not so much about the clothes all though dressing warm for a SoCal girl now in Upstate NY has proved to be a major style challenge but maybe more on that in a later post. Here is my Christmas tree still in progress

Right now I'm only using silver balls w/cream satin 1.5in ribbon and a small bead chain in silver for the decorations.

Here is a close up of the balls I am tying bows and hanging them w/one of the bow loops. I love it so far but I have run out of ribbon and need to buy more I have plenty of balls awaiting bows but Wal-Mart only had 2 spools so I have to try a different Wal-Mart hopefully they will have more so trying to avoid Michaels as I'm trying to keep my costs as low as possible on this.

so it's still a little scarce but okay for now and my son said he finally likes this tree because it's simple elegant and not over crowded. I guess that is my whole decorating theme this year SIMPLE. Who knew all those years of cute warm red and white rustic was ugly to my son oh well live and learn and lets see if he says that when he takes his box of ornaments w/him one day. He is so unsentimental. okay back to the decorations I thought because of blue being my accent color that I was going to use blue ribbon but when I tried it at the store it looked too much like we were making a really original baby shower favor/decoration that the blue had to be scraped. More to follow as I come closer to completing my decorations.

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  1. Your tree is lovely! I love the bows on top of the ornaments...keep up the good work. It is so warm and inviting.