Thursday, December 2, 2010

Planning for NYE

Okay I've been over the past 3months putting together an outfit for New Years Eve not quite firm on any plans I might be going to Hershey PA for a Hockey game and then an Party in the Hotel later or maybe I'll stay in Syracuse. Who knows but either way I want to be prepared. I had this vision of velvet leggings sequined tank and a light scarf w/a dusting of sequins to wear w/my ruffled open toe bootie so my vision I thought I would look cute sparkly right on trend and kind of hot. Well what I got was this. SO WRONG!!

Okay why I think so, you may have your own opinions but I think the tank is all wrong it should be swingy not so tight I like the rest the leggings and shoes I think work and I love the scarf but yeah the tank should be gunmetal and looser and of course my hair and makeup need to be done. So partially back to the drawing board. Off to find a different top. Item deets Tank Lane Bryant 14/16, Velvet legging Target along w/the scarf and booties JC Penney.

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  1. I completely agree about the top, but I believe you are on to a great looking outfit. Lane Bryant had some sparkly tops when I was in there the other day which were not so tight...remember you can always go up a size and get a tailor to help it fit make the clothes work for you that way! Keep up the good work!