Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunny w/a chance of Snow

22 degrees and 3 days straight of snow and now the sun was shinning the birds were singing and this is what I wore.

Okay excuse the photo quality time to stop using my phone and start using my point and shoot camera and force my son to take them for me.  Here is the break down.

Black Velvet Blazer from Lane Bryant bought on clearance for $34 and tax regular price $89.00. I love it fits perfect and a size 18 which is 2 sizes smaller than I was 3months ago thanks WW.

white T-shirt under purple v-neck sweater both also from Lane Bryant bought end of summer for fall.

blue denim jeggings from Target bought last year also wearing tights under for warmth as it's 22 here and tons of snow.

Dark brown boots from DSW, w/braided detail on the side I love them so much

Multi-stripe fleece scarf from Target bought over 15yrs ago and still holding color and no piling. I have matching mittens that are waterproof, they rock. I loved my outfit today, even my hair cooperated. Best part was when I took off my blazer and at BJ's and my son said OMG mom you are dressed like all the girls at my school. I said hence the blog title. He said no put the blazer back on. Whatevas!


  1. You look so happy for being so cold...I have tried to get the courage to purchase some jeggings...just not there yet, but you look cute!

  2. i love that scarf & i love those boots. TOGETHER they completely rock! you look so yummy! the plum + brown, then the uneven stripes + the braided leather = perfect details. hot diggety, girl - way to pull off warm and sleek and stylin!

    (i'm taking notes) stay warm and have fun! steph