Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Catching Up, Yup it's Cold!

 Okay, I love this outfit it doesn't look to flattering on the side view but I got tons of compliments and at my weight watchers meeting about 4 people said wow you've really lost. Yes I have!! but not the point, the outfit is. So here is the breakdown. LLBean puffy vest super warm, infinity scarf and earrings from Lane Bryant, Dress from Ross dress for less, black tights from Target, Black boots from Ross dress for less. The dress sorry I didn't photograph the detail was 9.99 everything but the scarf and earrings was purchased fall 2009. 

 My son liked this outfit just wore this to the mall Top from Rainbow, turtle neck from Coldwater Creek, jeggins from Lane Bryant, belt from Lane Bryant outlet, black uggs from Nordstroms. It's funny I always wish I could just say whole outfit from Nordstroms but well I can't afford that and besides it would limit my shopping experience. I just love Nordstroms.
I had to post a photo of this most beautiful coat. It was at Macy's my mom and I fell in love with it. It was Ellen Tracy on sale for $315.00 wool coat w/real fox fur trim (I know, I know but it was amazing) my mom offered it to me for Christmas and said but that's it like bday too and I said no I can't I have to be sensible. I hate when I'm sensible but I really needed a hand mixer and some more sweaters. Also it was a size 16 and it zipped and toggled on me, which is huge for me because my normal size for 15yrs has been 22 and now I own 3 items (unfortunately not this coat) in size 16. I am so excited and proud of myself. I will do a post of what I got for Christmas soon, I've been away since my mom is in town and I've been busy cooking, baking and taxiing. Hope you all had a Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sunny w/a chance of Snow

22 degrees and 3 days straight of snow and now the sun was shinning the birds were singing and this is what I wore.

Okay excuse the photo quality time to stop using my phone and start using my point and shoot camera and force my son to take them for me.  Here is the break down.

Black Velvet Blazer from Lane Bryant bought on clearance for $34 and tax regular price $89.00. I love it fits perfect and a size 18 which is 2 sizes smaller than I was 3months ago thanks WW.

white T-shirt under purple v-neck sweater both also from Lane Bryant bought end of summer for fall.

blue denim jeggings from Target bought last year also wearing tights under for warmth as it's 22 here and tons of snow.

Dark brown boots from DSW, w/braided detail on the side I love them so much

Multi-stripe fleece scarf from Target bought over 15yrs ago and still holding color and no piling. I have matching mittens that are waterproof, they rock. I loved my outfit today, even my hair cooperated. Best part was when I took off my blazer and at BJ's and my son said OMG mom you are dressed like all the girls at my school. I said hence the blog title. He said no put the blazer back on. Whatevas!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Keeping warm in the Earth tones

Okay today was definitely the coldest day so far. It was 8 degrees when my son left to school this morning. It warmed up to 23, we had company this afternoon so this is what I put together.

The outfit break down
T-shirt- Wal-Mart (yes since I started losing weight as I transition between sizes I go w/as cheap as possible)
Vest- LL Bean comfort fleece was never able to zip it before it's super warm
Jeans- Old Navy Diva straight 1st pair in 20years that doesn't have W next to the number
Socks - boot socks Target from last year
Scarf - Lane Bryant bought like 4years ago I love the colors
Watch - DKNY Nordstroms gifted from my mom she has fantastic taste.
Belt - bought at the State Fair from a leather guy he had to make an extra hole for my but now I use the 5th hole. I love it leather flowers next year I want one with my name on it. I know kind of redneck but I love it besides it's not like I'll wear it with my Yolanda necklace.

some close up photos

Thursday, December 9, 2010

& Playing the role of Snow Bunny........

Yup still cold. Here I am it was 18degrees outside and I had to venture out. My thoughts for an outfit were WARM!! I wore my Wal-Mart fleece plush hoodie super warm and it's got a special cuteness but mostly it's warm. I had a black turtle neck from Coldwater Creek underneath my multi-colored infinity scarf from Lane Bryant and denim leggings from Target and black Uggs from TJ Maxx and my black furry hat from Target also. I also had some silk leggings underneath that really do keep you warm. No other accessories because I keep thinking jewelry would just feel too cold on my skin. Funny thing is I am definitely feeling like I'm dressing my age, but keeping warm is my only thought. Its hard for a girl from Orange County CA to not push the style limit but warm takes priority.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby it's cold outside..........

It is a winter wonderland here in Central New York, Syracuse to be exact. We've had almost 4ft of snow and it has been snowing non-stop for 4days it's been about 25degrees so yeah it's cold and winter is definitely here.

This was what it looked like at 4pm on my way home from the market. Yes it's cold snowy/icy a little slippery. & this is what I wore to the store.

Let me break it down. White turtle neck from Wal-Mart "Just my size" for $7.00, Jeans from Target (they have gotten really baggy since I've lost 24.5 lbs. they are 2years old. The red vest is Cold Water Creek bought last year on clearance and just started fitting me this past month. I love it and its plushy inside sooooo warm, glad I can finally use it. Then lastly my boots, they are my early Christmas present from my boyfriend he gave them to me early because he said I needed them now. He even picked them out and I love them he got them at JcPenney on sale w/a coupon. Good job honey. Let me know your opinions, I didn't put on a scarf or gloves because they come off as soon as I walk in and I didn't want to deal w/it so no accessories and I forgot to photograph my hat that I wore it's a black furry hat from Target. I have been putting together warm outfits and finally decided to start posting them. Let me know your thoughts. I always welcome comments. 

Friday, December 3, 2010

My tree trimming in progress

I'm prepping for Christmas so it's still decorating and not so much about the clothes all though dressing warm for a SoCal girl now in Upstate NY has proved to be a major style challenge but maybe more on that in a later post. Here is my Christmas tree still in progress

Right now I'm only using silver balls w/cream satin 1.5in ribbon and a small bead chain in silver for the decorations.

Here is a close up of the balls I am tying bows and hanging them w/one of the bow loops. I love it so far but I have run out of ribbon and need to buy more I have plenty of balls awaiting bows but Wal-Mart only had 2 spools so I have to try a different Wal-Mart hopefully they will have more so trying to avoid Michaels as I'm trying to keep my costs as low as possible on this.

so it's still a little scarce but okay for now and my son said he finally likes this tree because it's simple elegant and not over crowded. I guess that is my whole decorating theme this year SIMPLE. Who knew all those years of cute warm red and white rustic was ugly to my son oh well live and learn and lets see if he says that when he takes his box of ornaments w/him one day. He is so unsentimental. okay back to the decorations I thought because of blue being my accent color that I was going to use blue ribbon but when I tried it at the store it looked too much like we were making a really original baby shower favor/decoration that the blue had to be scraped. More to follow as I come closer to completing my decorations.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Planning for NYE

Okay I've been over the past 3months putting together an outfit for New Years Eve not quite firm on any plans I might be going to Hershey PA for a Hockey game and then an Party in the Hotel later or maybe I'll stay in Syracuse. Who knows but either way I want to be prepared. I had this vision of velvet leggings sequined tank and a light scarf w/a dusting of sequins to wear w/my ruffled open toe bootie so my vision I thought I would look cute sparkly right on trend and kind of hot. Well what I got was this. SO WRONG!!

Okay why I think so, you may have your own opinions but I think the tank is all wrong it should be swingy not so tight I like the rest the leggings and shoes I think work and I love the scarf but yeah the tank should be gunmetal and looser and of course my hair and makeup need to be done. So partially back to the drawing board. Off to find a different top. Item deets Tank Lane Bryant 14/16, Velvet legging Target along w/the scarf and booties JC Penney.