Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Friday, November 4, 2011

what i'm obsessing about right now!! Well not much to be honest...

Bean's Kingfield Sweater 

I love this sweater, it's a very traditional and conservative look for me but that doesn't mean I have to wear it that way.

Roaman's Fair Isle Tunic

this is not so conservative and I love this tunic modern twist on a classic Fair Isle.

Beans Waterproof Snow Sneaker
When the weather turns cold I tend to dress very outdoorsy conservative i,e, LLBean and Ralph Lauren becomes my style.

Sorry I couldn't add the photos but I'm still trying to figure out my new operating system. I know it's been a while but I have not felt very fashion inspired as of late. too busy working away and sleeping I guess. Not good excuses but as I've been focusing on paying down my credit cards and trying to figure my life goals and dreams fashion shockingly so has taken a backseat. It's not normal for me but it is what is happening in my life.

Friday, September 2, 2011

What's been going on...

It's been a very busy summer, full of massages clam bakes, picnics, beach trips girls nights and lots of outfits but mostly very fun. This is my age appropriate JC Penney's outfit and H&M bag and Avon shoes just got done getting a massage and on my way to a my AHLBC Booster club.

My afternoons have been filled with lots of days spent at the Duck Creek.

My neighborhood, summer has been gorg. Lots of walks since most of the days look like this no point in being inside.  
So been spending lots of time on this towel, at the beach getting my dosage of Vitamin D.

Southwick State Beach NY last weekend of August. I love the beach soft sand not crowded and beautiful. Summer is not long enough but makes me appreciate it more.
Crossing over Sandy Creek my favorite drive home from the beach.

Sunset at Rainbow Shores Restaurant, great dinner great view great company.
My BF's mom had a party and this is what I wore, Dress Kohl's, Sandals Target last year, Avon purse, hair straightened and used "It's a 10 on it and I am now addicted to it.

Girls night Kareoke, Scarf Target same w/sandals, T-shirt from El Mercado in San Antonio and cargo pants Old Navy, Sunnie's Target.

Had to get a pic of the back of my T-shirt Our Lady of Guadalupe she's got my back.

My Dress for convention dinner and boots both Avon, I will straighten my hair for this. Pondering jewelry for this.
I also experienced for the 1st time Mystery Dinner my son won the grand prize and we had a moment of silence because not all of us can be as smart as Alex. Which by the way he thinks on a regular basis.

The State fair started here in Syracuse and this is the Sand Sculpture a tribute to 9/11.

My current obsession is this polish by Essie called carry on.

I like this pin at Lane Bryant but not sure if I want to wear it.
Yes, I'm still selling Avon I this is the loot I got at my last meeting. I make it a point of always getting free stuff.

I've been spending my time reading about cheese and making cheese and hobby farms and of course yoga which I love and want to do more of.

& lastly I had to post this, it's a mother daughter dressed alike and neither is under 35 so I thought it fit my blog perfectly they both were in great shape but being that it's not the west it seemed sort of costumey in Syracuse. Oh heck rock it if you got it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hey who cut the cheese? I did! Hey, I don't even eat cheese.

The Beginning, warming the milk whole milk that is that is not ultrapasturized. Need it to heat to a temp of 175F.

It's curdled, the beginnings of curds and whey.

Separating the curds from the whey straining thru cheese clothe.

Tying it off while it continues to strain out the curds and whey.

Hanging around and turning into cheese 30minutes and its done unless you want it to set longer.

After the 30minutes isn't it cute it looks and tastes like cheese but it still needs salt unless you like unsalted cheese.

Into the salt it goes

Salt is mixed in and reshaped back into the ball in the cheese cloth and sitting in the small glass bowl in the fridge over night.

done and half eaten, Rich liked it with crackers, he ate half. I even tried it and liked it. It's a lot like cream cheese spreadable but not as smooth (no chemicals) but really good I'm going to try it w/olive oil and pepper yummy. Cheese anyone?
Here is the website that I got the info from How to make cheese it was easy and yummy and I'm going to do it again.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes its just not about the clothes and I can't believe I just wrote that!

It's been a while since I posted and I realize it because I've been so busy working and my work is physically demanding and wears me out so when I get home I'm usually done for the day and since I don't dress up to work styling has taken a slight back seat which means so has blogging. But alas styling isn't just about clothes it's a creative outlet and since I also love to organize and my bathroom linen closet was getting out of hand I had a spark of genius Friday night and did this. I love it but yes it does make it hard to open and close that door but that is the price we pay for style right.

And since it's been about everything else lately, I have been spending as much time as possible here.
Southwick Beach Lake Ontario NY.
Enjoying the sun and sand, wearing my blinged out Payless sunnies and my Avon orange beach bag in the back ground that thing is huge and awesome and folds into a 6in square. I had to throw that in remember I drank the kool-aid and you should too it's yummy! Since I've been trying to get in as much beach and relaxing time in since I've been working like a fiend I also include this activity in my downtime.
Yo's pineapple & rum concoction along w/my favorite Joan Rivers sunnies. A girl has got to have multiple pairs of sunglasses, otherwise what is the point of being a girl.
I had joined my neighbor that evening to watch the car cruise across the street.

I like what I saw these cars are gorgeous and really makes me think how style is all around us not just what we wear. Oh and I was thinking I really want one of these.
Maybe for my 45th birthday!!
& well lets face I have to throw in something about fashion and styling, because when I see something I own in a magazine I bought it first I have to share because it just validates my fantastic taste and yes I know I'm being vain but hey sometimes it's okay.

My Mark it's a long story dress.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Week in Review & the Mexican's invaded NY!w

My family at the Boxing Hall of Fame, my dad loved it all of us girls well we looked at the gift shop and were pretty ready to leave after 5minutes. Here is the roll call top row left, Nephew Wesley, Son Alex, Brother Joe, Dad and his wife Maria, back to me Yolanda next to me my Mom, cousin Rita her daughter Maya and in front her son Bear. All 10 of us traveled in a group 2 cars required. Everyone arrived for my son's high school graduation My mom, brother and nephew came from Southern California and my Cousin from New Mexico and my Dad and his wife from Colorado. It was like a mini family reunion we are loud, eat a lot and were ready to conquer Central New York.

At Sylvan Beach Maya and Alex joined the show, Alex jumped into the cup and Maya rang the gong! Applause!!!

Welsey giving Alex a lift.

GOOOOOAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!! 1st goal Alex Graduated and the Mexican fans cheered.
720 graduating Seniors and they did it in less that 2hours quite impressive and even more impressive was my Dad's calculations that it would be under 2hours and that it was 2seconds on each kid. Yes my dad is a nerd.

Dad and his favorite Goddaughter Rita "Suck it Bonsie"

Finally Alex and I, HS graduated Check!

Alex and Grandma, so happy!
Grandparents and Alex he's annoyed too many pictures and waiting way too long Grandma and Wesley got losed.

Who's on 1st, What's on 2nd & I don't know 3rd base. Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame. My mom and son stayed outside they were not interested but the rest of us had a great time. & a moment of silence was had at Tommy Lasorda's jacket, and photos in front of the Angels locker and we were told no spitting or peeing was allowed on any Yankee display. It was concluded that there is not enough of the West even though were are more awesome. Bear is a Toronto fan, Maya and Rockies fan, Rita an Angels fan, my brother an Angels, Dodgers and Ichiro Suzuki fan (me too) I am a Dodger fan. We really like baseball and we don't talk about who my dad likes. 

Niagara falls Maid of the Mist, it should be called Maid of the Rain because you are pelted but it's great and beautiful if not really wet mugged and well drippy.

Me and Rita we have almost no pictures of us together walking on the side of the falls.
Everyone say cheese! My brother Joe had to leave Sunday and we all headed to the falls Monday I'm taking the photo. Lots of family time.

Canadian high five as demonstrated by Rita and Maya well since they are Mexican like myself not sure how accurately portrayed that is.

Seagull enjoying lunch it was free for him but not for us.

My Mom and Bear enjoying the view my mom had to save her poncho.

So beautiful now lets take a moment and breathe family visits are only temporary and short.
No comment on fashions or OOTD's on this post just sharing my family visit and son's high school graduation.