Monday, January 3, 2011

It warmed up a little so I wore this...

Okay it's been awhile since I've posted, you know the Holiday's and all. My mom leaves today and it's been a great 2 weeks and I'm sad to see it end but I'm also exhausted and kind of sort of looking forward to getting back to my schedule.

I wanted to post this outfit the day I wore it for my weight Watchers weigh in. I admit it I play the games wear the lightest articles of clothing possible I take off my boots jackets all accessories. I know probably doesn't matter but well even if it doesn't jeans weigh more than a dress and tights. I know I checked. So here is my Target dress from a year ago, it always fit me weird so I only wore it once till now. I love it the price was right and it's different. Different cut different print not your everyday type of dress. I paired it with a nude fishnet which I love, love,love and I bought at the same time and my brown leather DSW boots, a long doubled up wood and bead necklace that I got for 5 bucks from some cart. I have a wood bracelet that I couldn't find that really would have worked on this but still looking.  After a cross country move it's still hard to remember what is still at my moms and what was sold and what I actually brought with me.

Close up details below.

print pattern
 Happy New Year and lets make this one as stylish, original and as fashion forward as possible. May all your fashion related dreams come true.

Yolanda @ Refuse to dress my age!


  1. I love those boots!! I've been thinking of doing WW. I did it once years ago and had success with it. It's just hard to do with kids and a husband who don't want to eat like that.

  2. Thanks Joy, I do love those boots. You are exactly right about WW, I live w/my BF and my son and they don't and won't eat that way. It's very annoying so either they make something different or I make 2 meals which I really don't like to do so yeah it's pretty annoying.