Thursday, January 27, 2011

I little show browsing and something new in the bedroom....

Yesterday I did a little browsing at Target and thought I'd share what I saw didn't buy shoes they weren't on the list and since I'm sticking to my budget I just took pictures instead and thought I want new shoes that are not waterproof and warm!

Okay it's been said time and time again that you need a nude neutral heel and I am in agreement. The catch is that you must update, we are seeing the wedge is still in but the platform is is taking a breather and coming a bit down to earth. These are totally reminding me of the pumps of the 80's.

I still haven't decided if I like these or not, it's a low wedge in a suede neutral it is cute but not sure if I'd actually wear it but I do see it with some casual work pants maybe they are growing on me. 

Part of me says NO but then another part of me says well maybe with the right outfit but I'm not sure if I could find the right outfit because all I can think of is a Fredrick's of Hollywood catalog outfit for a skin tight floral print mini-dress and she's holding a picnic basket and some lube and the caption reads "summer scandals".

I normally try to post an OOTD but I have been very uninspired in my wardrobe as of late which means it's time for a closet revamp and since warm has been my only motivator it's not enough to keep me looking cute and picture worthy so on to the bedroom.....

Okay so it's not what you might think, I got a new shelving unit to help store my stuff, my Avon catalogs and Travel brochures. It's like a storage unit for my 2 at home businesses and also for my journal writing, art and otherwise it's what I bought at Target yesterday.


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