Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a little quick post!

My mom and I! I just wanted to point out that all the clothing we are wearing is hers. Her tweed coat is Ralph Lauren scarf by Target my sweater cold water creek and scarf Gap mens. That was the day she left we were at the airport. She has great style. Here's to my mom and just to let you all know. There is a contest over at my friend Pam's blog over50feeling40 take a look and enter to win! you know you want to...


  1. Hi, Yolanda! I won Pam's last giveaway! Saw that you were following on Twitter and decided to come for a visit. It's great that you can share clothing with your mother. Where has she returned to?

  2. Hey Terri,

    My mom is visiting from SoCal Orange County actually. where I am from I miss shopping with my mom our best times are spent in dressing rooms at Nordstroms and ColdWater Creek and Macy's. Can't wait till I go visit her.

  3. hee hee - i love it, you are both wearing designs from 'The House of Mom'! and looking fabulous, i'd like to add. i esp. like the subtle color/texture/pattern combo on mom's jacket and scarf - it looks so nice with her coloring and eyes.

    i hope you and mom are able to get together again soon! steph