Friday, March 11, 2011


For a short time I was doing a post Friday5 and I'd like to bring it back. Also because I'd like to start posting more again.

My Friday5 are

1. Ines de la Fressange's 10 ways to dress like a Parisian. I think I'd like to try this during the spring and blog it. I would love to see what I come up with. I found this on Kimberly Wilsons blog Tranquility du jour

2. Kimberly Wilson signature style post. & her cowl neck tunic check out the link for the youtube video ( I heart that and want it) Tranquil-t Spring 2011 preview

3. Old Navy I love this trend Shop the trend  I plan on sporting this look a lot this spring into summer when I'm not working on my version of dress like a Parisian.

4. Theodora & Callum Scarves as featured on the Rachel Zoe Report I love them wonder if I can mortgage my house for one. Kidding I never looked at the price.

5. My Avon bag it's a president's club gift. I love it and think it's cute, I carry all my normal stuff wallet, lipstick, 4 lip balms, 2 hand lotions, about 5 different Avon scent samples, 4 Avon books, an order forms, phone, digicam, monthly calender and like 3 pens, and some colored markers 2 books and a toothbrush, gum and wow this is getting long. Needless to say I have a ton of stuff in there and yeah it's heavy but whose bag isn't.

There are my 5 remember you can order Avon from my site and free delivery w/orders over $30.00. Always refusing to dress my age! Fashion = Passion!


  1. I'm almost afraid to ask what the price on the scarves might be.

  2. Terri I looked them up they are between $48-$298.00 so not too bad if you are made of gold.