Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Here I am, going to my Avon sign up meeting, to meet my new down line Autumn. 2 down and 3 more to go to be a leader. I love selling Avon, I am dedicated to Anew I swear by it. I also really like their lipsticks and Haiku would be my Avon scent so yeah I drank the kool-aid which is fine by me.

Okay here is my outfit breakdown, Danskin hoodie cardi $12.00 from Walmart, Camo thermal t-shirt Pure Energy from Target, Jeggins also Pure Energy from Target, my brown leather DSW boots, the multi colored scarf also DSW and black sunny's $6.00 from Marshalls, gold earrings Cold Water Creek, gold bracelet Rachel Zoe QVC.

Okay my lipstick needs a reapplication but here I am I saw Issac Mizrahi talk about how he loves the scarf wrapped over the hair and I actually agree. I'm glad I'm back to posting. I do love fashion and styling. Now if only I had a shopping buddy I'd be set. Anyone reading in Syracuse area? Anyone?


  1. You look awesome...I really love the bracelet and the scarf. I wore one of my favorite bracelets this week and it was from....AVON!! Not in Sacramento..but would shop with you if I could!

  2. the scarf looks lovely. And as for the koolaid, I like Haiku myself.

  3. Thanks Pam and Terri, Pam you can order Avon from me from my avon website and if your order is over $30.00 you get free shipping.

  4. Heh, I love that you said you drank the Koolaid (I did that for Weight Watchers when I became a leader).

    I love Anew - great products. Avon rules!

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog, Yolanda! I appreciate it.