Monday, March 21, 2011

Refusing to live w/bad decor! and a couple of outfits.

what I wore to the Crunch game saturday my Crunch pseudo football style jersey and black old navy trousers I didn't include my shoes or jacket. I love my t-shirt

Okay so this past Friday was my 44th Birthday and to celebrate I had a Happy Birthday/Tupperware party. It was great, had a great turn out and a fantastic time. I love having people over! Of course in the process of having company or throwing a party there is prep work. You clean your house and get all the food, running to the market, the usual running around.

Me of course the food is not so important. Don't get me wrong I love food but I don't enjoy preparing food or menu planning. I'm thinking about my home, the appearance of my home. I want people to feel comfortable but more then that I want people to say WOW!! It's the stylist in me. So here I am the morning of my party and my BF says I'll clean the house you go to the store and do errands so you don't stress. He is great! So I'm looking at my home and thinking that bathroom has to go. It is just wrong. My dear BF had put it together himself before I was ever in the picture. See the photo above. The shower curtain is not my taste and the dark blue rugs and towels don't go w/the tile and cabinet or the shower curtain. Of course my BF is a man and likes dark colors and matching is not a concern to him. So as I'm in Wal-mart picking up pineapple rings and cheese and crackers. I think I'm changing the bathroom I'm sure I can find something acceptable. $40.00 dollars later here it is.

So yes Wal-Mart Acorn and Organic Green towels and same colors in my striped shower curtain and the acorn rugs. The pictures are old shell canvas's from Home Interiors. I love it!! Home decorating is one of my favorite things, sometimes I think I get it just right.

Here is my Birthday outfit before I styled my hair. I've only worn it once before and now it's a little big so it will be going off to the consignment.

Lane Bryant dress from 2years ago it's really a tunic, black opaque tights and black boots. 
Oh and I really wanted to share the Hat trick Saturday night at the Crunch hockey game by Kyle Palmieri. Congratulations it was so great to see that. My favorite part was seeing the hat's being thrown onto the ice. Great job CRUNCH!!


  1. Amazing what a visit to Walmart can do the bathroom. Did the BF have anything to say about it afterwards?

  2. Terri, he said it was okay. He didn't understand why I felt the need to change it. I rolled my eyes and said you know it looks great and he said nope not going to concede. He liked the dark blue.