Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More of my quest of self restyle.

My new purse by Mark it's Turquoise and gorg and big and roomy. It really is more trendy then what I'd like to go for but it's so stunning I couldn't resist and since I sell Avon I'd be a fool not to carry such a beautiful purse. I am definitely wearing it with jeans and my cons of course and w/my huge Rachel Zoe gold bracelet of course.

I found these at Payless totally hot on and very walkable. I totally need some casual brown platform sandals to wear w/shorts and jeans and pearls or maybe dare I say a pencil skirt once I find one that fits me. 

Okay now let me just say when I found this at Marshall's I dropped everything put this on and wore it around the store. I LOVE this sweater and it was $20.00. It's 3/4 sleeve and tight on me but I'm planning on buttoning it. It totally goes w/my revamp this with my cons and my future pencil skirt and rock n roll or sports t-shirt and pearls and turquoise bracelet. I am so looking forwarding to wearing this everyday period. I think I can do a whole blog post based on this sweater in fact I just did.

I love these and they are so crazy cute on especially with a skinny jean and because they are born they are comfy. Love the gold color as an awesome neutral. I see skinny jeans and trousers with these. I am mean a summer dress is way to obvious right?
I got a little side tracked on my restyle quest w/some trendy additions but nothing is set in stone. I didn't buy the Born sandals as they are out of my budget but my style is still a work in progress and I hope to follow up with some photos of my ideas.


  1. I love all of the pieces here and wish you could've purchased the shoes...I so miss the days when Marshalls had lay away...it really helped! But I think you are on a good path to a remake....can't wait to see it!!

  2. Love that sweater, Yo. LOVE it<3 Great find!

  3. Love this site. Find me on Facebook at Sensafashion or www.sensafashion.com I am still working on the site

    BTw I Refuse to Dress my Age too

  4. Just found your site and as a 49 year old I love it! The color of your new bag is my favorite and the Marshalls sweater was a great find.

    I am just starting my blog back up but I Invite you to come see what is going on at:

    Always Summer