Monday, April 25, 2011

Working on my wardrobe project & developing a very new self style

My Africa hand t-shirt 2 yrs ago at Torrid, double strand faux pearl necklace $1.00 and farmers market, payless version of converse lowtops I believe they have more padding in the sole.

My BOGO pink w/bling sunglasses from Payless and my Target Messenger bag 2 yrs ago.
How to dress like a Parisian it's where I'm getting my ideas.
I have for the past couple of months basically March and April been working on a change in my style and revamping my wardrobe. I definitely have a very distinct style that I would describe as dressy casual, with a touch western sporty and a bit of trendy thrown in. I like to keep ahead of the trends and sometimes I am spot on and sometimes of course I am not. Since moving to Upstate NY things have changed for me and the main one being my budget which has provided a bit of a challenge. Another change is it is a far more casual place in other words fleece and jeans is more of a staple.

What I am trying to do is up my game a little push myself to a more edgier look not necessarily more trendy but more individualistic more true to me. Like the photo below some may like it and agree it works or you may not but either way it's okay. It's a work in progress.
Floral print long sleeve button down shirt from Wal-Mart paired with my Farmers Market pearls and graphic tee close up.

Full length my shirt sleeves are rolled up and I'm not wearing my black faux cons. just my white socks and my old navy cargos.


  1. Yolanda--pearls with a sports shirt is something I've been meaning to try and I think it is actually going to happen in May.

  2. LOVE the pearls with the cajz look on you. Wouldn't look good on me, but again, you totally rock it!