Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring closet and wardrobe cleaning and some totally cute new accessories!

finally got around to getting out the boxes of Spring/Summer clothes what a mess and wow do I really have that much? Well...

No I have more. Holy cow this is a lot of clothes.

Did I mention shoes? there was a box of sandals, ballet flats and platforms. Yes I have lots of shoes.
One of my favorite dresses Michael Kors loving it w/the plain sandals a very French style to wear plain shoes w/a more dressy outfit.

OOTD I am loving this dark Gray Tunic from Avon It's hard to see but I love it super comfy and soft side ties wide neck and arms. Love my OOTD.

This is the neckline detail satin trim and of course I had to wear my Mark necklace. GOD I love that necklace and thank you so much to Heather for saying I can have it!! I love my Avon DM!! That necklace has gotten me more sales then everything else ever!

Sorry for the blurry, these are Itty Bitty earrings by Mark you get 3 sets, I love it Turquoise and gold.

Tunic arm detail, did I mention how soft they are.
My mark ring once again I love it, big chunky and gorg! Wore it all day!

Debating on this one liked the photo in the mag but not loving it so it might go back.
 I'm still working on my Spring wardrobe project, it's slowly coming together and will probably end up being a summer wardrobe project. I guess I'm too distracted by my Avon I just love it and am having so much fun with it.


  1. Love your accessories with the satin trim...the necklace is great!!

  2. Oh god! I've found another Michael Kors fan! I love your blog... and this is my first visit... Defietly added to my side bar...

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