Monday, June 20, 2011

Y la Familia!

A relaxing evening spent fishing at Sunset it was beautiful and I needed that because in 2 days my family will be arriving for my son's high school graduation. 8 people total I think I've gained back all the weight I've lost due to the stress. Yeah I'm stressing big time so fishing at sunset very necessary.

wanted to share this OOTD I wore this to my "Are you an Avonista party?" Well are you? featuring clothes, jewelry, shoes and purses. It was great and I wore all Avon accessories. My son really liked my outfit. The party was a complete bust well if you don't count the 4 other Avon people that showed up. 1 sale that kind of tells you how my week has been going.

They had everything but the kitchen sink they had a bathroom sink instead at the flea market this Sunday I picked up a Warner Bros. Pepsi Cola Kool Cat glass circa 1973 for $3.00 total bargain that I proceeded to break when I washed it. My Boyfriend thought a trip to look at cool old stuff at the flea market would relax me he was right until I broke the glass. I need a little OM time.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Lets talk about Philly and a really cute dress.

Okay so I finally am going to do a quick post of my short vacay to Philly and the Jersey Shore.
The BF and me at Love Park central Philadelphia.

Liberty Bell from the outside looking in, we arrived Saturday after it was closed but you can peek in from the side. I felt so patriotic!

Independence Hall under construction of course! Always my luck.

Betsy Ross's house it's supposedly haunted I saw it on an episode of Ghost Hunters, kind of lame nothing happened as usual. Not like on that Navy base when the chair moved across the room. Only time that happened on that show ever.
So we took a day and drove to the Jersey Shore, Atlantic City in view. The beach is pretty but wow parking is tight.

The BF and me at the beach my 1st time in the Atlantic Ocean I think we look cute but mostly I think I look thinner. I know that's why I like this photo.

The Boardwalk in Wildwood! You can't see it here but a lot of people sporting the Orange tan. It was very fun.

Had to ride the big wooden roller coaster on the pier it was so awesome shaky and lots of lift.
light house at Cape May simply beautiful I loved this part the most, I heart light houses.

A different view of the lighthouse from the beach which was gorg.

The BF and me another shot on the beach you know sun saltwater sound of waves kind of getting that romantic feeling well that ended as soon as my son said mom.

Cape May NJ beach

The Ben Franklin Bridge on the way back to Philly bend over baby time to pay the tolls!

meanwhile back at the bar, Yes that's Jesse Jackson that's how we roll. He asked to take a photo with us!
So back at the castle, my new Mark dress and purse arrived and well the expression on my face should say it all. I'm going to wear black peep toe booties with it.
I didn't even highlight my outfits, what kind of fashionista am I? Well a lazy one at least. God I really love that dress and really really want to go back to the beach.