Monday, June 20, 2011

Y la Familia!

A relaxing evening spent fishing at Sunset it was beautiful and I needed that because in 2 days my family will be arriving for my son's high school graduation. 8 people total I think I've gained back all the weight I've lost due to the stress. Yeah I'm stressing big time so fishing at sunset very necessary.

wanted to share this OOTD I wore this to my "Are you an Avonista party?" Well are you? featuring clothes, jewelry, shoes and purses. It was great and I wore all Avon accessories. My son really liked my outfit. The party was a complete bust well if you don't count the 4 other Avon people that showed up. 1 sale that kind of tells you how my week has been going.

They had everything but the kitchen sink they had a bathroom sink instead at the flea market this Sunday I picked up a Warner Bros. Pepsi Cola Kool Cat glass circa 1973 for $3.00 total bargain that I proceeded to break when I washed it. My Boyfriend thought a trip to look at cool old stuff at the flea market would relax me he was right until I broke the glass. I need a little OM time.