Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes its just not about the clothes and I can't believe I just wrote that!

It's been a while since I posted and I realize it because I've been so busy working and my work is physically demanding and wears me out so when I get home I'm usually done for the day and since I don't dress up to work styling has taken a slight back seat which means so has blogging. But alas styling isn't just about clothes it's a creative outlet and since I also love to organize and my bathroom linen closet was getting out of hand I had a spark of genius Friday night and did this. I love it but yes it does make it hard to open and close that door but that is the price we pay for style right.

And since it's been about everything else lately, I have been spending as much time as possible here.
Southwick Beach Lake Ontario NY.
Enjoying the sun and sand, wearing my blinged out Payless sunnies and my Avon orange beach bag in the back ground that thing is huge and awesome and folds into a 6in square. I had to throw that in remember I drank the kool-aid and you should too it's yummy! Since I've been trying to get in as much beach and relaxing time in since I've been working like a fiend I also include this activity in my downtime.
Yo's pineapple & rum concoction along w/my favorite Joan Rivers sunnies. A girl has got to have multiple pairs of sunglasses, otherwise what is the point of being a girl.
I had joined my neighbor that evening to watch the car cruise across the street.

I like what I saw these cars are gorgeous and really makes me think how style is all around us not just what we wear. Oh and I was thinking I really want one of these.
Maybe for my 45th birthday!!
& well lets face I have to throw in something about fashion and styling, because when I see something I own in a magazine I bought it first I have to share because it just validates my fantastic taste and yes I know I'm being vain but hey sometimes it's okay.

My Mark it's a long story dress.

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  1. Yes, it's crazy how seeing something we own in a magazine vindicates us. Like that new method of organizing the closet and wish I could share a sip of that rum drink with you.