Friday, September 2, 2011

What's been going on...

It's been a very busy summer, full of massages clam bakes, picnics, beach trips girls nights and lots of outfits but mostly very fun. This is my age appropriate JC Penney's outfit and H&M bag and Avon shoes just got done getting a massage and on my way to a my AHLBC Booster club.

My afternoons have been filled with lots of days spent at the Duck Creek.

My neighborhood, summer has been gorg. Lots of walks since most of the days look like this no point in being inside.  
So been spending lots of time on this towel, at the beach getting my dosage of Vitamin D.

Southwick State Beach NY last weekend of August. I love the beach soft sand not crowded and beautiful. Summer is not long enough but makes me appreciate it more.
Crossing over Sandy Creek my favorite drive home from the beach.

Sunset at Rainbow Shores Restaurant, great dinner great view great company.
My BF's mom had a party and this is what I wore, Dress Kohl's, Sandals Target last year, Avon purse, hair straightened and used "It's a 10 on it and I am now addicted to it.

Girls night Kareoke, Scarf Target same w/sandals, T-shirt from El Mercado in San Antonio and cargo pants Old Navy, Sunnie's Target.

Had to get a pic of the back of my T-shirt Our Lady of Guadalupe she's got my back.

My Dress for convention dinner and boots both Avon, I will straighten my hair for this. Pondering jewelry for this.
I also experienced for the 1st time Mystery Dinner my son won the grand prize and we had a moment of silence because not all of us can be as smart as Alex. Which by the way he thinks on a regular basis.

The State fair started here in Syracuse and this is the Sand Sculpture a tribute to 9/11.

My current obsession is this polish by Essie called carry on.

I like this pin at Lane Bryant but not sure if I want to wear it.
Yes, I'm still selling Avon I this is the loot I got at my last meeting. I make it a point of always getting free stuff.

I've been spending my time reading about cheese and making cheese and hobby farms and of course yoga which I love and want to do more of.

& lastly I had to post this, it's a mother daughter dressed alike and neither is under 35 so I thought it fit my blog perfectly they both were in great shape but being that it's not the west it seemed sort of costumey in Syracuse. Oh heck rock it if you got it.