Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More of my quest of self restyle.

My new purse by Mark it's Turquoise and gorg and big and roomy. It really is more trendy then what I'd like to go for but it's so stunning I couldn't resist and since I sell Avon I'd be a fool not to carry such a beautiful purse. I am definitely wearing it with jeans and my cons of course and w/my huge Rachel Zoe gold bracelet of course.

I found these at Payless totally hot on and very walkable. I totally need some casual brown platform sandals to wear w/shorts and jeans and pearls or maybe dare I say a pencil skirt once I find one that fits me. 

Okay now let me just say when I found this at Marshall's I dropped everything put this on and wore it around the store. I LOVE this sweater and it was $20.00. It's 3/4 sleeve and tight on me but I'm planning on buttoning it. It totally goes w/my revamp this with my cons and my future pencil skirt and rock n roll or sports t-shirt and pearls and turquoise bracelet. I am so looking forwarding to wearing this everyday period. I think I can do a whole blog post based on this sweater in fact I just did.

I love these and they are so crazy cute on especially with a skinny jean and because they are born they are comfy. Love the gold color as an awesome neutral. I see skinny jeans and trousers with these. I am mean a summer dress is way to obvious right?
I got a little side tracked on my restyle quest w/some trendy additions but nothing is set in stone. I didn't buy the Born sandals as they are out of my budget but my style is still a work in progress and I hope to follow up with some photos of my ideas.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Working on my wardrobe project & developing a very new self style

My Africa hand t-shirt 2 yrs ago at Torrid, double strand faux pearl necklace $1.00 and farmers market, payless version of converse lowtops I believe they have more padding in the sole.

My BOGO pink w/bling sunglasses from Payless and my Target Messenger bag 2 yrs ago.
How to dress like a Parisian it's where I'm getting my ideas.
I have for the past couple of months basically March and April been working on a change in my style and revamping my wardrobe. I definitely have a very distinct style that I would describe as dressy casual, with a touch western sporty and a bit of trendy thrown in. I like to keep ahead of the trends and sometimes I am spot on and sometimes of course I am not. Since moving to Upstate NY things have changed for me and the main one being my budget which has provided a bit of a challenge. Another change is it is a far more casual place in other words fleece and jeans is more of a staple.

What I am trying to do is up my game a little push myself to a more edgier look not necessarily more trendy but more individualistic more true to me. Like the photo below some may like it and agree it works or you may not but either way it's okay. It's a work in progress.
Floral print long sleeve button down shirt from Wal-Mart paired with my Farmers Market pearls and graphic tee close up.

Full length my shirt sleeves are rolled up and I'm not wearing my black faux cons. just my white socks and my old navy cargos.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A little break from Fashion and my Kool-aid drinking to share this contest.

My friend who runs the Perfect Housewife page on Facebook and the blog Little Voices in my Head along with her apron company StinkyMonkey4eva, yes she's very busy. Is running a contest and here it is. Rocco DiSpirito's Triple Chocoloate Chip cookie Contest If you like to bake and are up for a challenge this one is for you.

Oh and have you been invited to my party? Make-up and Margaritas use this code to receive a discount on your Avon order from my site in honor of my party.  margarita100 for 20% off Make-up skincare and fragrance. Yo's online Avon store!
my flyer
Sorry I knew I said a break from the Kool-Aid but I couldn't resist.

Friday, April 15, 2011


It's been awhile since I've done a Friday5 and here they are. I picked 3 outfits I would like to sport this spring and summer and 2 scents I've been wearing a lot lately. All the outfits are Old Navy and the scents are Avon and Mark. Oh and if you know where I can find that first scarf as it's sold out from Old Navy I'd love to hear it.

My favorite outfit!

Old Navy

Old Navy

Mark Peony Apple love it, when I don't wear the below I am wearing this.

Avons Naturals Voilet and Lychee discontinued so sad, I love it!! 
Okay I really need to get started on my spring and summer wardrobe quest as it's technically been spring for almost a month. I have been talking about a wardrobe challenge and have so far only brought 1 piece as pretty much none of my wardrobe from last year fits and as I continue to lose weight I need to be very careful about the pieces I choose as I don't want to spend a lot of money or buy a lot of clothes so maybe that is my challenge as I need pieces that multitask.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I had to share this dress!

Front view of my new dress, I love it. In the weight loss I've achieved I'm always shocked that I'm getting a shape.

side view it has a small halter strap if you want to use it, this is the XXL size 17 jr's so I"m pretty happy it fits well enough to me.

sweetheart neckline detailing
Here it is my new favorite summer dress. I love me a beautiful Maxi dress. This dress is from my Avon it's actually Mark called the "It's a long story dress" it's $34.00 not too bad right? I think it is super cute and looks okay on me. Sorry if I look a little rough it was early in the morning when it arrived and I had to try it on right away. My BF said that's a keeper. Always a plus.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Avon experience & more about drinking the kool-aid!

My outfit at 5am Joan Rivers QVC trench w/animal lining, floral scarf Lane Bryant, Sweater Old Navy, Tank Lane Bryant, Jeans Old Navy, Boots Target, Jewelry Avon

Arrive at Madison Square Garden  NYC for the Avon World Tour

Avon CEO Andrea Jung and Fergie

Fergie's husband Josh Duhamel

My swag!
This past week I attended the Avon World Tour in New York City w/6500 other Avon representatives from all across the Northeast. It was very energetic, inspirational and motivating. Most importantly I got free product. 3 different Anew products Laugh to the fullest perfume eyeliner and a bracelet. It was a great day and time 54 of us on a bus and the highlight of seeing Josh Duhamel and 3 compliments on my sunglasses and trench. 

Monday, April 4, 2011

My loot!

Okay so last Wednesday I went to my Avon district sales meeting and I came home with all this.

Sybella CZ pendant and earrings Avon

Blissful Blues Drop Pendant and earrings gift set

Blissful Blues Mutlirow Twist Gift Set

Sea Life earrings

I got all of this jewelry free because of a contest my district held. It was so much fun and I am so thankful to all my clients and my downline.

Also thought I'd share with you what I wore.
Old Ralph Lauren denim jacket, target pure energy blouse, old navy cargo skinny pants, brown leather DSW boots, Pier 1 scarf, Avon earrings, and straightened hair.

close up of scarf

Empowerment bracelet and domestic violence unisex bracelet also Avon

 Hammered hoop earrings now I need the matching bracelet. 

my lip color is Avon healthy makeup lip cream Berry Pretty, got tons of compliments on it
I had a great time, I am really enjoying the Avon experience maybe a little too much. The kool-aid tastes pretty good as I'm off to NYC to the Avon World Tour w/Fergie!!