Friday, May 27, 2011

Did I tell about my trip to NH and the real reason I miss SoCal soooo much!

Okay so by now you all know I sell Avon, I drank the Kool-aid and am fairly passionate about it. Well lets face it, it's not Photography or shopping but a close 3rd. So I win this contest but not really completely by default basically I'm like 5th or 6th runner up and the only other person available last Saturday to drop everything and go on a 12hr round trip to meet the Avon Lady herself. Lisa Wilber she is amazing, inspiring and rich because of her drive and creativity in selling herself and making sure when you thought Avon you thought of her. So of course I had to think about what am I going to wear because that is always the 1st question on my mind.

Here is it, I was on the phone with my cousin Rita who was also texting me pictures of her dress she bought for my sons graduation ceremony in June which means I totally need a new dress because well as the mom I can't let her out shine me right.

Me in my trip to meet Lisa Wilber outfit

My cousin Rita in her new dress
My trip to NH early Saturday morning we drove and did not stop at Yankee Candle Company but we did stop here.
All I could think about was Die Hard, Die Hard II and Die Hard w/a Vengeance and of Course Live Free or Die Hard!! 

Donna, Stacy and me, Heather our DM is taking the photo. Donna and myself obviously embrace color, Stacy chooses to only wear black w/a few well placed color accessories. Well when you are in your 20's you can get away with that. 
We arrived!
Lisa Wilber's car it was on the cover of Cruiser Monthly. I was in awe at the dedication to her business.
Avon mecca! Lisa Wilber and her mom's store tons of Avon tons of it. I really mean tons. Those things in the front are lipsticks.  I truly wanted to open and test every single one.
 It was a great time and very interesting experience I learned a lot and the big secret was there is no secret and no special magic. Just get your name out there as much as possible. Lisa was very down to earth and normal regular. She gave you the impression that if she can do it anyone can. Simple right?

Of course when I got home waiting for me in the mail was this.
Nordstroms Half Yearly sale for Women and Children. I wanted to cry let me just admit it. I truly miss my Nordstoms Sophia my personal shopper lunch at the cafe w/my mom, Brian and Stacy my shoe guys parking in front downstairs and walking thru the sunglasses, perfumes right to Woman's shoes and picking up a shoe and thinking $150.00 not bad. Yes to all my friends you know I miss you but you also know me and know I miss this even more. Rich you better be worth it, all I'm saying.
Off to bed now and heading to Philadelphia in the morning for 3days so looking forward to a short vacay. I am planning to bring 2 shorts a dress and 3tops and 2 pairs of shoes. Okay seriously yes wardrobe is a priority for me because fashion is my passion, short of photography!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring closet and wardrobe cleaning and some totally cute new accessories!

finally got around to getting out the boxes of Spring/Summer clothes what a mess and wow do I really have that much? Well...

No I have more. Holy cow this is a lot of clothes.

Did I mention shoes? there was a box of sandals, ballet flats and platforms. Yes I have lots of shoes.
One of my favorite dresses Michael Kors loving it w/the plain sandals a very French style to wear plain shoes w/a more dressy outfit.

OOTD I am loving this dark Gray Tunic from Avon It's hard to see but I love it super comfy and soft side ties wide neck and arms. Love my OOTD.

This is the neckline detail satin trim and of course I had to wear my Mark necklace. GOD I love that necklace and thank you so much to Heather for saying I can have it!! I love my Avon DM!! That necklace has gotten me more sales then everything else ever!

Sorry for the blurry, these are Itty Bitty earrings by Mark you get 3 sets, I love it Turquoise and gold.

Tunic arm detail, did I mention how soft they are.
My mark ring once again I love it, big chunky and gorg! Wore it all day!

Debating on this one liked the photo in the mag but not loving it so it might go back.
 I'm still working on my Spring wardrobe project, it's slowly coming together and will probably end up being a summer wardrobe project. I guess I'm too distracted by my Avon I just love it and am having so much fun with it.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

1 great necklace and a very comfy OOTD!

My favorite print blouse from Macy's purchased 4 or 5 years ago and my new favorite necklace by Mark (Avon) 

Close detail of the necklace not something I would normally wear but the minute I put it on it's like magic.

It's my splash of color in an all neutral outfit. I think it works with the neckline.

Whole outfit really comfortable and perfect for delivering books around the neighborhood.

A work in progress outfit, Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart I had been wanting to check this line out and finally found it at a somewhat local Wal-Mart and all I can say is WOW! The sizing runs small but the quality and style are fantastic. I actually think it might dare I say be too fashion forward for the Wally world crowd. Maybe not I love it right?

Also Norma Kamali for Wal-Mart. It's gray and sheer and has ruffles and it matches the pants which are a grey and cream thin stripe. I just visualize dark gray & cream spectator peep toe pumps and of course my sweater below and pearls of course!!

Also at Wal-Mart this is by Miss Tina and the only thing in the whole line I liked. This was cute but not even comparable to Norma.

My outfit that I am working towards because like I said Norma Kamali runs small so I have to lose some weight which is fine I have been doing that all year so it's just another incentive. Can't wait to wear it!

loving the sweater and blouse together, do you agree?

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Makeup and Margarita's!!

I had a party an Avon party because as you all know by now, I sell Avon. I thought that the idea would boost my sales and maybe build my customer base and possibly grow my unit. It was great I had 7 people show up and 4 new customers order but more importantly we had a great time just playing with the makeup. It was pretty low key. I just spread the makeup on the table and said have at it since I am no expert nor do I claim to be on makeup application. It's not your typical makeup party. I wanted my guests to try out and experience as many Avon products as they possibly could. The feed back has been positive and I am looking forward to my next party.

the hit of the party, Spectracolor lipstick now if only I could find it!