Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hey who cut the cheese? I did! Hey, I don't even eat cheese.

The Beginning, warming the milk whole milk that is that is not ultrapasturized. Need it to heat to a temp of 175F.

It's curdled, the beginnings of curds and whey.

Separating the curds from the whey straining thru cheese clothe.

Tying it off while it continues to strain out the curds and whey.

Hanging around and turning into cheese 30minutes and its done unless you want it to set longer.

After the 30minutes isn't it cute it looks and tastes like cheese but it still needs salt unless you like unsalted cheese.

Into the salt it goes

Salt is mixed in and reshaped back into the ball in the cheese cloth and sitting in the small glass bowl in the fridge over night.

done and half eaten, Rich liked it with crackers, he ate half. I even tried it and liked it. It's a lot like cream cheese spreadable but not as smooth (no chemicals) but really good I'm going to try it w/olive oil and pepper yummy. Cheese anyone?
Here is the website that I got the info from How to make cheese it was easy and yummy and I'm going to do it again.