Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's been awhile since I've posted anything in here but my staff and I are back so here goes. We've been working on 25days of Christmas, in which I am giving in some form for 25days. I am tracking my progress on my Facebook page Yolanda Alejandre but I will also post on here to. Most importantly if you purchase from my Avon site and use the code Giving I will donate 15% of my profits to St. Baldricks Team Craig Reinhardt Crusaders  here is the link Avon to buy away!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Prettily Independent

Pretty Independent

end of summer

end of summer

Messenger bag
$47 -

Turquoise jewelry

Johns, Flag

a photography weekend

a photography weekend

Printed shirt

Pull&Bear denim shorts
$36 -

Converse sneaker
$67 -

Canvas tote

The Start of something new

Yes, I'm going back to school. Attending Syracuse University, I will be an Orangeman. I am looking forward to it but also very nervous it's been about 7years since I last attended. My major is Geography and I will be attending part time so send me lots of love and positive energy as I embark on this big new adventure.

and lately I have been doing a lot of this, walking the Chocolate Bear i.e. dog. For the past 3weeks I have been taking the dog for a 20-40minute walk depending on the night. It's been great for me, it's funny but true you change one thing in your life and watch all the other things change. All I did was start walking the dog so I could better fit into my dress for my upcoming convention cause I didn't have the energy to do anything else.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Issue is ME...

Beautiful Ugly, Santa Ana River at LaPalma & Kramer Anaheim CA. After rain. One of my very favorite photos as its nature in concrete and a surprise of a rainbow.
I've seem to have lost something, myself. I have the feeling that I am living someone else's dream.

My dream is to photograph and travel. Live out of my suitcase and always have my camera on hand. Knowing who I am and how I wanted to live my life has been essential in moving to New York. How do I come back to it and start living my dream my life the way I dreamt it?

 It's never been about making money, it's about being true to myself. It's not about watching my shows or eating chicken wings. It's about watching the sunset and photographing it.

First would be change my attitude, change my energy level, focus my free time on my goals and dreams.

I want to be Yolanda cool photographer chick who drives a porsche 914, hikes 5 miles, watches the sunrise, wears a big turquoise bracelet, has hair that is inappropriately long for her age and always over dresses for the occasion, shoots tequila with a smile, is sort of just like her Mom w/out the ocd, adores her son, loves her man, craves Mexican food but can eat Chinese everyday, is passionate about fashion and reads National Geographic religiously, keeps trying to not be negative but sometimes can't help it, loves the smell of cheese but wont eat it, works hard and vacations harder, believes that true happiness is found on a roadtrip but sometimes it can be found on the screen of a blackberry when you become mayor or get that greasy spoon badge, and knows that experiences are more important then stuff. All I need is love and a camera, but occasionally a good book is nice too.

Tome New Mexico, arroyo, I love the shock of natural color within the brown of a New Mexico winter.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Working on the Spring/Summer accessories

Me, sometimes I feel like I'm having a good hair day and lip day so I snap a pic of me. Then I saw the photo and thought well I guess I wasn't but I will post it anyway cause I love those Target sunnies.

This years Spring/Summer accessories are all about Gold, well the purse is tan. (close enough) I decided mid-winter that I was going to base my Spring/Summer 2012 wardrobe around lots of Gold. Which is crazy because all my jewelry is silver not crazy because it just meant the Shop is on! The purse is Target, as well as the earrings, the bracelets and necklace w/circles are Lane Bryant and the other necklace is Touchstone Crystal.

Monday, February 27, 2012

what I'm loving right now!!

This past week, I survived a very crazy busy work week, a home party and 3 friends home parties. In spite of my busy work schedule I've been even more social then usual. As a treat for surviving my week I treated myself to these 3 items. 2 flats purchased from Target both on clearance 12.48 each 1 mustard yellow and the other patent red. Clearly not work wear but super cute and I can change into them when I'm done. The bag is the Market tote from Initials in Botanicals that I bought from my fellow direct seller Jean Dewey this company does free monograms. My bag has an @ and ? in orange. I think I'm ready for spring well that is till I see something else I must have. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

What I've been up to...

It's been a while, a long while. I have been busy decorating my home and working. My business has exploded which has caused me to neglect some areas of my life mainly blogging and fashion. Well we all know me and the fashion will come back like it always does and in some ways decorating is a form of fashion expression. Here goes this is what my living room looks like wish I would've taken some before.

End table knick knacks

Other side end table

View when you walk 

Loveseat in front of picture window. I wanted end tables w/lamps and the couch is too long for it so used the loveseat. I'm not a fan of oversized sofas but the BF had these before I moved in and they are fairly new so I had to make due. 

Then in my bedroom I added this, which I love

Detail of my favorite shelf.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year & my favorite things this week.

Yes, Angry Birds but more importantly my Kindle Fire but its more for games for me as I discovered I much prefer to hold a real book in my hands.

My Morning pages journal, my quest is to do morning pages every morning this month. 

My new 2012 calendar I had the same one last year, Dayrunner Monthly Planing it fits in all my purses shows me the whole month and is pretty too. 

My new favorite sweater, from Bass Pro Shops (my secret favorite place) I like to say I'm girly in an LL Bean sort of way Dark gray w/fair Isle sleeves I just love fair isle when it's done right and tastfully.

OMG! I love my plastic tote made from recycled materials. I picked this up at the Getty when I went back home for Christmas. Love it so much hopefully it will inspire me to photograph more
Happy New Year to everyone!!